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Oct 08, 2015

As we get older we go from being anabolic* machines that can eat as much as we want, build muscle easily, burn fat quickly and recover fast to catabolic* catastrophes that are slower, more lethargic, take longer to recover from exercise and if we simply look at cake we put on 5lb’s!

This week I’m going to give you a simple formula to work on! Go back to GCSE maths when you were taught algebra and wondered when you were ever going to use the equation x + y. Well this week you can!

You see:


where: x = anabolism AND y = catabolism

If you rev up your metabolism this is what happens:

METABOLISM - Y (catabolism) = X (anabolism) .....aka you become that Duracell Bunny!


So lets give you some simple dietary tips to start this equation going!

  1. EAT EVERY FOUR TO FIVE HOURS. Eating a well balanced diet that is high in fibre and includes good quality dietary protein will help to increase thermogenesis and get your metabolism firing! 

  2. INCOPORATE LEMONS INTO YOUR DIET. Sounds wierd I know, but the chemical qualities of lemons can reduce insulin levels, boosting metabolism. Ever heard of the old lemon in warm water trick? Well it works! Get into the habit of drinking warm water with lemon juice each morning. The digestive enzymes and fibre will get your digestive system moving so you anything you eat that day will be more efficiently processed.

  3. GARLIC. This nutrient-rich bulb offers amazing health benefits. One such benefit is that by incorporating more garlic into your diet, it can work to help you lose weight by increasing the calories burned during the day while reducing the body’s production of fat. Best effects are from raw garlic, so add it to salad dressings, hummus, or just before finishing cooking a sauce. 

  4. CAYENNE PEPPER. Studies have shown that this hot spice can stimulate your metabolism by up to 20% and suppress appetite at the same time! All spicy peppers, including cayenne, increase the body’s temperature. This forces the body to go through a cooling process, burning more calories. Cayenne will add a powerful kick to soups, stews, and chilli dishes.

  5. CONSUME ENOUGH PROTEIN. Dietary protein provides the essential amino acids that our bodies' need for growth and repair...And protein takes more work for our body to digest. More work = more calories burnt = higher metabolim! Good sources of dietary protein include organic eggs and clean meat and fish sources. Why not try wild salmon: a great source of protein that helps boost your metabolism. It’s also packed with omega-3 fatty acids which cuts leptin production, helping your body process foods more effectively.

  6. EAT FIBRE. Dietary fibre aka cellulose is the stuff your body cannot digest because it does not have the enzymes available to do so. That said, fibre is super important as it helps to fill us up and feel satisfied. Dietary fibre aids digestion and helps ‘soak’ up fat and calories from food and any excess hormones or toxins, removing them from the digestive tract before they’re absorbed.

  7. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR. This has got to be a favourite! Yep ACV is not just an old wives tale. Made from fermented apples, this is a go to fat burner which helps you lose weight. Researchers credit vinegar’s acetic acid as responsible for boosting metabolism, leveling blood sugar levels and breaking down fat. Take a teaspoonful of raw, unfiltered vinegar water before meals, or make yourself a zingy salad dressing.

  8. ALMONDS. Nuts may be high in calories but their essential fatty acids make them great metabolism boosters, and almonds top the fat burning charts! The fat in almonds will trigger your body’s fat burning process, prompting your body to look for other fat to burn. Just remember 10 – 15 nuts are a serving, not 50!

  9. GET WORKING! LIFT SOMETHING, PUSH SOMETHING, PULL SOMETHING. Think of your body as a coal fire! Working your muscles will burn energy and you need to stoke that fire so your body will either use its current stores as fuel or the dietary energy you provide. Not doing enough...see our website for TRAINING EDGE and other STRENGTH programmes:

*the constructive phase of metabolism, in which the body cells synthesize protoplasm for growth and repair:


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