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Triathlon Coaching

Want to participate in one of the most competitive yet friendliest sports on earth, guaranteed to get you in shape, involve you in some fantastic social circles and provide you with a massive sense of achievement after each race?

Sound too good to be true? 


  • Want to take your training up a notch adding structure to your program, know when to hit the right sessions at the right time and build speed, endurance and power all at the same time?
  • The TRI Fitness Triathlon Development program has all bases covered.  If you are a complete novice looking to get into Triathlon, you have come to the right place! If you are an experienced age grouper looking to develop your skill, fitness and build your knowledge of triathlon, you are also in the right place.
  • Do you feel you would benefit from our 1-2-1 Triathlon Training Packages? TRI Fitness also offers a laser focused training program that offers you the individual a fully customised training program. 
  • Everyone associated with TRI Fitness Triathlon is automatically a member of the training squad.  All members receive a weekly training program, feedback and support and regular check-ins with your assigned British Triathlon Federation Coaches.
  • Above all, our triathlon coaching is ultimately designed to be an education within a triathlon community all striving to achieve similar goals whilst having a great time along the journey!

Since taking on my first Novice Triathlon under the watchful eyes of the TRI Fitness Triathlon Coaches 2 years ago, I have never looked back. This year I am taking on Ironman Barcelona and the coaches here at TRI Fitness are with me all the way, great coaching, support and professionalism all the way

Martin Cottell, TRI Fitness Triathlon Squad Member

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I am loving the triathlon training, In less than 3 months my 400m Swim time has really quickened up. Russ has helped my confidence massively and I continue to improve all the time.

Martin Wilson